News and events

Within the framework of the Russia – EU Political Dialogue expert consultations on Western Balkans (COWEB) and on EU Enlargement (COELA) were held in Brussels on November 25, 2011. Mr. Petr A. ...
PRESIDENT OF RUSSIA DMITRY MEDVEDEV: Citizens of Russia, I address you today in connection with the situation concerning the NATO countries’ missile defence system in Europe. Russia’s rela...
The Fifth European Russian Forum was held on 21 November 2011 at the European Parliament in Brussels. It gathered more than 120 representatives of Russian compatriots’ organisations in EU Member State...
On 17 November 2011 Moscow hosted a meeting of Russia-EU Permanent Partnership Council at Foreign Ministers level with the participation of Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov and EU High Represent...
Annual expert consultations on drugs in the framework of the Russia-EU political dialogue took place on 9 November 2011 in Brussels. The Russian delegation led by Mr. D.Kurakov, Deputy Director of ...
On 10 November 2011 Mr. Alexander Bastrykin, Chairman of the Russian Investigative Committee, visited the European Commission and met Ms Cecilia Malmström, Commissioner for Home Affairs, and Mr. ...
On 8 November 2011 with the support of the Permanent Mission of the Russian Federation to the European Union the EU-Russia Industrialists’ Round Table held a workshop in Brussels on the issues concern...
Ambassador Vladimir Chizhov, Permanent Representative of the Russian Federation to the European Union, took part in the Conference “EU-Russia: Partnership for Modernisation or Conservation?” organized...

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