News and events

As strategic partners and the two most impressive centres of power on the European continent, Russia and the European Union bear primary responsibility for maintaining regional security in the Wider E...
The Russia-EU Strategic Partnership Time to enhance the security and economic pillars Furthering the relationship with the European Union and incrementally progressing towards a common space of ...
26 November 2012, Brussels, European Parliament The topic of today’s discussion is a reflection of the complexity and ambiguity of processes unfolding in modern society. Human rights is such an...
On 29-31 October 2012 a conference was held in Tallinn, Estonia on enhancing cooperation between the Russian Federation and the European Police College (CEPOL). The Russian Ministry of Interior del...
Transcript of Dmitry Medvedev’s address: Mr. Chairman, colleagues, I would also like to begin by saying some words of gratitude <…> Since the economy and the problems facing the financial mar...
The third expert meeting of the Russia-EU Dialogue on Migration dedicated to migration and development issues was held on 26 October 2012 in Saint Petersburg. Participants from the Russian side inclu...

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