Common historical and cultural roots of the peoples of Russia and EU Member States provide solid ground for cooperation in the sphere of culture. However, it is developing primarily through bilateral contacts between Russia and EU Member States: thus, so called “cross cultural years” are organised, as well as other events like festivals, exhibitions, conferences and seminars. The parties also use shared international platforms and fora to enhance cultural cooperation (UNESCO, Council of Europe).

On 25 October 2007 the first meeting of the Russia-EU Permanent Partnership Council (PPC) on Culture was held in Lisbon. The participants highlighted the importance of a closer cultural cooperation and agreed to promote intercultural dialogue in all its dimensions, including the religious one. 

On 8 December 2009 Moscow hosted an international seminar «Russia - EU: Signs on a Road Map of Cultural Cooperation». This seminar brought together over 150 participants from 22 European countries and 20 Russian regions to discuss various aspects of cooperation, its formats and prospects. The participants also put forward specific practical ideas for interaction.

Russia and the EU have organised a range of events in the field of music (“Europe through the Eyes of Russians, Russia through the Eyes of Europeans’), cinema (“27+One” festival), theatre (“Caravan of the World” festival), architecture (“Mosconstruct” project).