Statement by the Russian MFA on the outcomes of ministerial talks between E3+3 and Iran on the situation around the Iranian nuclear programme

Submitted on Sat, 11/23/2013 - 23:00

The recently concluded negotiations on the Iranian nuclear programme marked a successful resolution of one of major tasks on the global political agenda. The significant efforts by delegations of China, France, Germany, Russia, the UK, the US and Iran have resulted into elaboration of a framework agreement that, if implemented successfully, will eliminate some serious concerns about the nature and goals of nuclear activities in Iran. The document opens a prospect for the Islamic Republic of Iran to fully enjoy all its inalienable rights as party to the Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty.

The agreement is based on a concept proposed by President of the Russian Federation Vladimir Putin. It suggests recognition of the unconditional right for Iran to develop a peaceful nuclear programme, including the right to enrich uranium, while putting this programme under strict international control and eliminating all sanctions against the Islamic Republic of Iran currently in place, including unilateral ones, whose legitimacy we did not and do not recognise. The Geneva agreement is based on the principles of gradual implementation and mutuality that were first proposed by Russia and ultimately found common recognition and support. 

The agreement implies significant softening of sanctions on Iran that over a long time had negative effects for the social and economic state of the country. 

The agreement contains a number of specific measures to enhance transparency of the Iranian nuclear programme to be implemented in close cooperation with IAEA in the course of six months. In parallel to implementation of the first steps, work will continue on negotiating a final comprehensive solution that will eliminate all problems related to the Iranian nuclear programme. We hope for understanding and support for these efforts from the international community.

The work was long and complicated but at the end the common sense prevailed. The outcome of the Geneva talks is a success for all.

We are convinced that this solution will have a positive impact on the situation in the Middle East and will contribute to overcoming the dangerous tendency of the last years when attempts were made to use force to resolve a number of crisis and conflict situations in the Middle East. This will enhance security in the region and strengthen the foundations of a fair and balanced system of international relations with no place for pressure and dictate. The Geneva solution is a major contribution to consolidation of the legal foundations of the today’s world order. 

Geneva, 24 November 2013