Comment by the Press service of the Permanent Mission of Russia to the EU for The Sunday Times

Submitted on Thu, 10/01/2020 - 21:36

I would like to ask you a question about your statement. As many noted, the logical conclusion from this statement is the following: if Navalny's rating had been higher, Russia would have had a reason to kill him. Could you, please, comment on this?

We do not consider such "far-reaching conclusions" to be either logical or substantiated. Quite the opposite. The sometimes overly emotional and irrational reaction of certain political and quasi-political figures in Western Europe, and in Russia itself, who are obviously trying to distract attention from the essence of the matter with such loud statements, proves that our questions have reached their goal. In particular, pure manipulation is illustrated by an attempt to shift the emphasis from our proposal to rationally consider the advantages and disadvantages for the Russian authorities arising from the hypothetical tragic outcome of the situation around Alexey Navalny (fortunately, it did not happen, although Moscow, of course, would have been blamed whatever the outcome), and instead reduce the issue to absurdity and play on emotions. Meanwhile, we only pointed out that the key motive, as defined by self-proclaimed accusers of Russia, is missing under the circumstances. We leave further assumptions and scandalous debates on the extent to which politically motivated assassinations of public figures are justified, depending on the level of their approval or disapproval in the society, to the conscience of such commentators.