News and events

Due to the great success of the first edition of SportAccord World Combat Games in 2010 in Beijing, the second edition of SportAccord World Combat Games will be organised. The event will take place fr...
On 18 July 2013 in Brussels Ambassador Vladimir Chizhov, Permanent Representative of the Russian Federation to the European Union, met the Chairman of the EU Political and Security Committee (PSC), Wa...
On 16 July a coordinating meeting of Political Directors of the E3+3 group of international mediators on the Iranian nuclear programme (China, France, Germany, Russia, UK and US) took place in Brussel...
The deadline for accreditation requests from Russian and foreign journalists willing to cover the G20 Summit in St Petersburg on September 5-6, 2013, has been extended until August 1, 2013. Journal...
It is highly regrettable that in deciding to pursue this issue our EU partners did not take into account our persistent efforts to accommodate their concerns. A while ago the EU side drew our atten...
On 8 July Russian Minister of Foreign Affairs Sergey Lavrov held a traditional meeting with the Ambassadors of 28 EU Member States and Head of the EU Delegation to Russia. Minister Lavrov shared hi...
The 13th meeting of Russia-EU Joint Committee on Readmission took place on 2 July 2013 in Brussels. The Russian delegation was led by Mr. Nikolay Smorodin, Deputy Head of the Federal Migration Service...

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