Commemorative Ceremony Held in Brussels

Submitted on Tue, 03/26/2024 - 09:32

On 26 March 2024, to mark the 80th anniversary of the beginning of the liberation of Europe from the German Nazi occupation by the Red Army, Chargé d’Affaires a.i. of the Russian Mission to the EU Kirill Logvinov laid flowers at the communal cemetery in Evere, Brussels, at the monument to Soviet citizens who had died in the fight against Nazism.

We consider it our duty to remind those European politicians who continue to publicly engage in historical revisionism or who tacitly indulge in such attempts: our grandfathers and great-grandfathers, Soviet citizens, at the cost of their own lives, gave your ancestors the right to live, liberated them from slavery, freed them from the domination of Nazi ideology, and brought peace.

The key role of the USSR in securing victory over Nazism in Europe and creating the conditions for the peaceful development of the continent is an indisputable fact which cannot be altered by today’s developments when some EU Member States are tormented in their search for a national identity, seeking to throw off the burden of historical responsibility and ready to sacrifice historical reconciliation to political revanchism. We will firmly oppose any such manifestations, which are in essence attempts to settle scores with Russia.