Press release on G7

Submitted on Mon, 05/22/2023 - 07:20

The summit of the so-called Group of Seven ended in Hiroshima, Japan. Its main result is a set of statements saturated with questionable passages of an anti-Russia and anti-China nature. Thus, the G7 summit has once again produced politicised decisions aimed at drawing diving lines in international relations.

The Group of Seven used to be an association whose members coordinated their positions on various issues on the global agenda. However, it has now irreversibly deteriorated, becoming an “incubator” which, under Anglo-Saxon leadership, hatches destructive initiatives and subverts global stability. The initiatives are subsequently imposed on pro-US minions made up of NATO, the EU and other satellites of Washington.

The implausibility of G7 nations’ claims to be the global guarantor of financial and economic stability became conclusively evident to everyone during the 2008-2009 crisis. The international events of the past few years indicate that G7 is unable to offer anything productive in either politics or diplomacy. Panic over the objective process of the emergence of multipolarity and the destruction of the US-centred hegemony that used to allow the West to plunder the world, makes the Group’s members put every effort into fanning Russophobic and Sinophobic hysteria.

G7 has become literally fixated on an all-out confrontation with Russia. Thanks to the US efforts, it has assumed the role of a headquarters for designing sanction measures and other elements of a “hybrid” war against our country including determining the scale and schedule of Western weapons supplies to the Kiev regime. Today, this is the reason for the existence of this association. This is confirmed by the outcome of the summit. Obstinately showcasing their determination to inflict a “strategic defeat” on Russia, the G7 leaders brought the leader of the Kiev regime they controlled to the summit, and thus turned the Hiroshima event into the ultimate propaganda show.

Washington, assisted by London, is not only pursuing G7’s destructive agenda within the Group but also forcing its allies to agree with decisions that are detrimental to them; it not only makes them raise military spending, which is already substantial, to flood the Kiev regime with arms but also shifts the burden of responsibility for sustaining refugees onto EU states, hooks those countries onto the US “gas needle,” and maintains an openly protectionist policy aimed at turning the G7 partners into an industrial and raw material appendix in the hi-tech area. The so-called Euro grandees have completely lost their autonomy and have admitted the Anglo-Saxons’ superiority by handing over the management of G7 to them. The European governments have completely disengaged from the interests of their own population.

The joint sanction pressure mechanism set up by G7 has caused the global food and energy crises. The decision endorsed in 2022 to introduce the so-called price caps on seaborne Russian crude oil and oil products to third countries provokes grave misbalances in the global trading platforms, undermines the basics of the market performance of the global economy and directly contradicts WTO norms and international law which the Westerners are prone to resort to if it benefits them. It is the countries that are most in need that are affected by the barriers established by the G7 countries on supplies of Russian food products.

The G7 experiments on energy transition and the introduction of green technologies do not facilitate a sustainable energy balance due to their unreliability. High-income countries can afford such novelties but imposing them on countries that have been suffering from energy hunger for a long time undermines the foundation for sustainable growth of the national economies. 

Each of the G7 nations prides itself on its track record regarding protection of democratic values. Meanwhile, none of these club members can boast of their reputation concerning respect for international rights and freedoms. The history of all those nations is aligned with oppression and denial of others’ rights. The Eurasian members of G7 are former colonial or expansionist powers who built their wellbeing on exploiting and expropriating others’ assets. Regarding the US and Canada, for decades, their native residents had to suffer forceful relocation, bleaching of their cultural identity, abuse and genocide.

The G7 members ought to show an example of democracy in practice rather than unleash the media and NGOs under their control on “obstinate” governments. We see how “humanely” Europe is settling the migration issue and “pacifying” social unrest and how the US cracks down on the opposition. For many years, the West has been patronising the Nazi regime in Kiev and turning a blind eye to all the horrible things it does. We repeatedly asked them how that translates into European ideals of humanism and democratic values. The West has given no answer.

The rules the G7 is promoting are their own ideology and system of values. They serve particular and not common interests of the international community. G7 views the independent policy of third countries as a threat to the infamous “rules-based order.” Various steps are taken against the disobedient – from economic pressure and information aggression to blackmail, threats, and military intervention. 

The G7 countries not only stained their hands with illegal military interventions against sovereign states and with the arrangement of coups d’etat. Their predatory business keeps pumping out the resources of the Global East and South without looking back at the repercussions for the environment and in violation of labour standards. The relevant facts are well known. 

On a parallel track, every effort is made to politicise the performance of multilateral formats, primarily the G20, the most representative and truly leading forum for global economic cooperation. The attempts by the G7 countries to pose as champions of law and justice in international affairs are a mockery of history and common sense.

The cynical and blasphemous choice of Hiroshima as the venue for the summit needs a special comment. Tokyo and Washington refuse to admit their responsibility for unleashing an aggressive war in the Far East and the barbaric nuclear bombing of Japanese cities that

 was not dictated by military needs but required by the Americans to test nuclear ammunition. Before the G7 summit, the Biden administration, in its usual arrogant manner, said that Joe Biden did not intend to apologise for those actions. As if anyone doubted it.

In this context, the US leaders’ arguments about their “leadership” in arms control and nonproliferation look hypocritical. So do the lamentations of the G7 countries about the need to combat the mythical Russian nuclear threat. We have repeatedly pointed out where the threat really comes from. It is not Moscow, but Washington, London, and other capitals of the “collective West.”  

Against such an unattractive backdrop, the G7 countries are not shy about flirting with non-Western states so as to bring them to their side and not allow them to develop ties with Russia and China. At the same time, it is obvious that the G7 is the main factor in exacerbating global problems. It cannot reflect the interests of other centres of development, especially those of the Asia-Pacific region, South Asia, the Middle East, Africa, and Latin America.

We believe that our assessments of the G7 and its destructive actions are shared by the majority of the world community.