Russia and EU hold counterterrorism expert consultations

Submitted on Sat, 07/15/2017 - 10:22

On 13 July 2017 consultations on international cooperation in countering terrorism were held in Brussels between a Russian inter-agency delegation led by Mr.Vladimir Andreev, Deputy Director of the Department for New Challenges and Threats, MFA of the Russian Federation, and a European Union delegation led by Mr.John Gatt-Rutter, Head of Counter-Terrorism Division, European External Action Service.

The parties had an extensive exchange of views on the current state of global and regional terrorist threats and experience in countering terrorism in Russia and the EU. Special focus was given on preventing activities of “foreign terrorist fighters”, combating the spread of terrorist and extremist ideology and radicalisation, including through the Internet, as well as developing information exchange in relevant spheres.

Prospects of enhancing anti-terrorist cooperation in multilateral formats, primarily in the UN, were also considered.

The Russian side reaffirmed the need for the whole international community to join efforts in combating the global threat of terrorism on the basis of international law, the UN Charter and relevant UN Security Council resolutions. In this context the validity was stressed of the Joint Statement on Combating Terrorism adopted at the Russia-EU Summit on 28 January 2014.