Criminal and lawless acts committed by radicals in Ukraine

Submitted on Sat, 03/29/2014 - 01:00

End of February – illegal armed groups occupied the office building of the Dovzhenko Film Studios. They demanded an access to the shop of weapons and pyrotechnics.

March 5 – Alexander Muzychko, an activist of the Right Sector with the nickname "Sashka Belij", who committed war crimes during the Chechnya conflicts, recorded and distributed in the Internet a video address calling "to cleanse Ukraine and Crimea" from the Russian-speaking people.

March 5 – at Maidan, radicals captured reporter of the Navigator news agency Sergey Rulyov and brought him into a tent. He was severely beaten and robbed of his documents, phone and camera.

March 6 – armed supporters of the EuroMaidan in Sevastopol attacked a humanitarian aid collection point, beating journalists.

March 8 – the police of Dnepropetrovsk arrested 7 Russian journalists.

March 8. B. Filatov, deputy of I. Kolomojsky, whom Kiev appointed governor of the Dnepropetrovsk Region, wrote in his Facebook page that it is necessary "to give any promises, guarantees and make any concessions" to those who participate in the protests against the central authorities in Kiev, as "we will hang them later".

March 8 – in Kharkov, about 10 radical nationalists attacked activists returning from a rally against the new authorities in Kiev. As a result, some activists were wounded, one of them was subsequently sent to hospital.

On the night of March 8 to March 9 — at the Lenin Square in Dnepropetrovsk, members of the Right Sector beat the activists guarding the monument to Lenin to prevent its demolition.

March 9 — in a cafe in the city center of Kharkov, the Right Sector fighters shot dead by a burst of gunfire local businessman Yevgeny Slonevski. One more customer was killed and a waiter was wounded as a result of the shooting.

March 11 – 30 strangers in masks with wooden sticks entered the Prosecutor's Office in Svyatoshinskiy district of Kiev. Threatening the senior prosecutor and his family members with bodily harm, they demanded that he write a letter of resignation. Having refused to do it, the prosecutor was beaten, as well as one of his colleagues.

March 13 – in Donetsk, during a rally in support of the federalization of Ukraine, the supporters of Euromaidan provoked a conflict and caused a massive fight resulting in several people killed and tens of people injured.

March 13 – two extremists attacked Gilel Koen, volunteer of a Jewish rescue organization in Kiev. The rabbi received a severe beating.

March 14 – 12 people in camouflage entered the administration building of the National Aviation University and introduced themselves as representatives of the Right Sector. They demanded the rector to write a letter of resignation.

March 14 – extremists stormed the Migration Service building office in order to get the refugees' files. A department Director was beaten and knifed in the face.

March 14 – Olexandr Mamay, Mayor of Poltava, was taken to a police station following scuffle with activists who came to the city council meeting. (

March 14 – a group of young people with submachine guns wearing masks and "Right Sector" armbands attacked tenants of one of the houses in the centre of Kiev. About ten young men fired a round in the air, and hit one of the tenants on the head with a metal rod.

March 15 – the Right Sector militants started shooting at activists of Kharkov self-defense. 2 people died, 4 were wounded.

March 16 – D. Yarosh, the leader of the Ukranian ultra-right forces made a threat to blow up the Russian gas pipeline that goes to Western Europe through the territory of Ukraine.

March 16 – in Mirgorod, a group of militants tried to kill Vasiliy Tretetskiy, 58 y.o., Chairman of the National Council and the former mayor of the city. Four unidentified men attacked him, started to beat him and then one of them shot the victim with a gun (

March 17 – representatives of the Right Sector national-extremist organization attacked civilians and severely beat them at a bus stop in Dnepropetrovsk (

March 18 – in Simferopol, snipers killed 2 people: a fighter of the Crimean self-defence forces and a Ukrainian soldier. Two more people were injured: a fighter of the self-defence forces and a Ukrainian soldier. This tactics was used by the Ukrainian ultra-right forces during riots in Kiev.

March 18 – representatives of the Svoboda Party broke into the office of A. Panteleymonov, the Head of the National Television and Radio Company of Ukraine, beat him and forced to write a letter of resignation ( Similar pressure was put on the staff of Chernigov regional television. Tens of “Chernigov Maidan activists” broke into the office, blocked most of it and demanded the General Director to resign threatening him with hand grenades and knives. The only reason for that was the General Director’s alleged support of the old regime. Although specialized resources made no mention of this fact, a local website did make it public (

March 19 – in Vinnitsa, a group of far-right members of the so-called "people's tribunal" "sentenced" Tatyana Antonets, chief physician of the Regional Children's Hospital, to a "voluntary resignation" due to the fact that she had not renounced the Party of Regions and had not condemned "the crimes of the former government". In addition, the radicals claimed that in case of disobedience the chief physician would be treated in accordance with "the laws of harsh revolutionary times".

March 20 – ethnic Czechs living in the Volyn Region of Ukraine asked Czech authorities to repatriate them (20 thousand Czechs are living in Ukraine). In this regard, E. Snidevich, Chairman of the Volyn Czechs Society, claimed: "We fear for our lives. Criminals come to us saying they are from "self-defense units". The future looks bleak."

March 20 – Russian journalists A. Buzoladze, S. Yeliseyeva, S. Zavidova, M. Isakova working for the Russia-1 TV channel were detained in Donetsk. Their documents were confiscated, then the Russians were taken to the Vasilyevka checkpoint where they were kept for several hours with no reasons given.

March 20 – the Right Sector members occupied the Prosecutor's Office in Odessa.

March 20 – Marina Aksionova, General Director of the Odessa Regional State TV and Radio Company, informed journalists that she had been threatened bodily harm by the activists from among the advocates of the new Ukrainian authorities.

March 20 – a group of Banderists attacked Hungarian pupils from the Hungarian city of Miskolc during their tourist trip in Transcarpathia. The armed extremists arrived at the meeting of the Hungarian Public Council in the city of Berehove of the Transcarpathian Region, beat its participants, and then closed the meeting.

March 20 – people's governor of the Donetsk Region, Head of the People's Militia of Donbass public organization, is on the point of death after a cruel beating.

On March 21, men wearing the uniform of the Ukrainian Insurgent Army got into passenger carriages of Moscow – Chisinau train No. 65 that made a stop in Vinnitsa, and started “inspecting documents”. They forced Russian passport holders to hand over gold jewelry and money. The robbery was coupled with “political education”. It is puzzling that the efforts of those robbed to file complaints to the local law enforcement bodies failed, as the police refused to accept such claims.

On March 23, at around 2 p.m. in Kiev representatives of the so-called 11th Self-Defence Sotnia tried to occupy the building where the Russian Center of Science and Culture and the office of “Rossotrudnichestvo” are located.

The group of 12 people armed with metal sticks (the leader of the group had a gun in holster) demanded that the building in Borisoglebskaya street should be immediately vacated because it is being confiscated in revenge for the Crimea, as they said, and it will host the “self-defense headquarters of the Pechora district”. All attempts by the head of the office and his deputy, who arrived later, to bring “the self-defense” to the senses (since the building does not belong to Russia but is rented from the Ukrainian authorities) had no effect. Moreover, the attackers forced the security to give them the keys and stole the car of Rossotrudnichestvo parked in the inner yard of the Russian Center of Science and Culture.