Consolidated response to incoming citizens’ appeals on the situation around Ukraine

Submitted on Mon, 03/07/2022 - 03:32

The Permanent Mission of the Russian Federation to the European Union is receiving similar appeals from European citizens who, evidently under the influence of aggressive anti-Russian propaganda relentlessly levelled at them every day, are asking Russian diplomats to "use their influence to bring about a ceasefire, support Russia's return to negotiations, advocate a peaceful resolution of the conflict on the basis of international law, urge the Russian Government to break its deepening isolation and re-join the community of civilised countries", etc.

We are publishing a consolidated response to these appeals.


Thank you for your letter and for your concerned attitude towards the situation. Better late than never, as they say.

It goes without saying that every Russian citizen is deeply concerned by these developments, and diplomats, being by definition directly involved in international relations, are no exception. But, in contrast to you, our deep concern does not date from the start of the Russian army's special operation, but was born long ago – back in 2014, when Ukraine suffered a bloody coup d'état instigated by the US (see US assistant Secretary of state Victoria Nuland pictured at the protests site in Kiev) and not prevented by EU Member States, which remained silent witnessing the political agreement on a peaceful resolution of the Ukrainian crisis, signed settlement signed by senior diplomats from Germany, France and Poland, being trampled on by "peaceful protesters" within hours.

We realise that you could have remained ill-informed thereof, as your politicians and media chose either to provide you with a distorted picture of fail to tell you about those events at all. You are obviously also unaware of the medieval nightmare Ukraine subsequently plunged into: the ”new authorities” outlawed the Russian language by their very first decree, Ukraine saw the onset of crackdown on dissent – and even political murders (such as the one of journalist and writer Oles Buzina), mass terror (in Odessa with dozens burned alive, for instance), and a punitive operation against protesting civilians in Donbass which resulted in indiscriminate bombardment of towns and villages by aircraft and artillery and killed not only men who fought back, but also thousands of children, women and the elderly. Evidence of crimes committed by Ukrainian Neo-Nazis and Ukrainian authorities against their own citizens is documented, for instance, in the Russian MFA reports.

However, in recent months the escalating tensions were not only caused by the humanitarian disaster that occurred in the territory of Ukraine (see attached “The Truth Behind Events in Ukraine and Donbass 2014–2022”). All these years NATO countries continued large-scale stuffing of the Kiev regime with weapons, some even gaining a military foothold of the Ukrainian territory. Nuclear ambitions voiced by comic turned president in Munich were met with applause, not indignation.

Eight years of this tragedy in the centre of Europe and increasing threats to its own national security have left Russia with no choice but to recognise the two regions of Donbass that broke away from Ukraine and launch a special military operation against the Kiev regime.

Russians could not believe all this was happening in modern Europe. Meanwhile politicians in your countries, as well as the “democratic media”, preferred to turn a blind eye to those events. Now you are awakened by the thunder of cannons, and your shock and desire to stop this nightmare are understandable. You have already appealed to the Russian side, you have been heard and understood. Now it is your turn to hear and understand us by rejecting the sweeping anti-Russian propaganda, one-sided viewpoints imposed on you and the discrimination practised against ordinary Russian citizens in Europe by both the authorities and people whose emotions are skilfully manipulated.

The objectives of this operation are clearly outlined. Russia does not want to destroy Ukraine. Russia is not in the business of starting wars. Today, it is putting an end to War – as it always does (Nagorno Karabakh being the most recent example). And we can assure you that Russia will do its utmost to avoid a larger conflict. For what we want is mutually beneficial and equal cooperation among all countries, taking full account of everybody’s interests and concerns. We are counting on you and your fellow citizens to support these values.