Comment by the Russian Permanent Mission to the EU on the Thirteenth Package of Anti-Russian Sanctions Adopted by the European Union

Submitted on Fri, 02/23/2024 - 13:17

The European Union remains in an "anti-Russian fever", losing its sense of reality and behaving as if it had a licence to interfere in the trade and economic relations of third countries. The adoption of the thirteenth "package" of restrictions against Russia clearly shows that the sanctions toolkit has finally become a universal way for Brussels to communicate with the outside world. Well, this is "geopolitical Europe", and this is what the rules on which the EU believes the world order is based look like in action.

Another “package” is yet another act of symbolism, this time to mark the beginning of the Russian special military operation. Meanwhile, the EU fails to notice that it is making a mockery of itself with its obsession with special dates. The former European Union, which no longer exists and never will, attached symbolic importance to the creation of a single currency, the Schengen area and a common market for labour, capital, goods and services. Now Brussels finds it much more relevant to assert itself at Russia's expense, to force European capitals to pursue an anti-Russian line, and to intimidate third countries. The EU is annoyed by sovereign states refusing to follow its flawed course. Brussels apparently finds it hard to understand that third countries pursue an independent policy and are guided by their own national interests.

The states of the Global Majority see all this, understand it and, we are sure, will draw the appropriate conclusions. We have already drawn ours.