Comment by the Russian Permanent Mission to the EU 
on the resolution “Effectiveness of the EU sanctions on Russia” 
adopted by the European Parliament

Submitted on Thu, 11/09/2023 - 18:59

When reading the latest anti-Russian resolution adopted on 9 November 2023, we are sure that we are not alone in our impression that, to put it mildly, something has gone wrong in the European Union's efforts to exert sanctions pressure on Russia. They have even started looking for someone to blame. The text suggests that those responsible may be in the EU Council and the European Commission, which the European Parliament has called on to "increase their professionalism" in the field of imposing restrictions. Yet, this in no way prevented those who voted in favour of the resolution from immediately throwing in a batch of "fresh" sanctions ideas.

It was strange to see the European Parliament's opus referring to the UN Charter – given that the unilateral EU restrictions against our country are by definition illegitimate and contradict the fundamental document of the universal organisation.

Obviously, the European "people's representatives" are not in the least bothered by the fact that scattered throughout the text are calls to interfere in the internal affairs of third countries. It is hardly possible to interpret in any other way the demands for Russia's trade and economic partners to stop cooperating with us.

Unsurprisingly, the resolution found no room for a conclusion that is obvious to everyone but Brussels: the anti-Russian sanctions have provoked a whole series of global crises, whose adverse consequences are being felt all over the world, including in the European Union Member States.