Comment by the Russian Permanent Mission to the EU regarding the Statement by the President of the European Commission Ursula von der Leyen “on Russian Accountability and the Use of Russian “Frozen” Assets”

Submitted on Wed, 11/30/2022 - 17:36

Today the whole world has seen what the European Commission's "geopolitical" aspirations are and how the EU actually treats the "European values" it promotes so vigorously on paper. Brussels' illegitimate move to "freeze" Russian foreign reserves, which enjoy immunity under international law, and private assets, as well as its intent to manage them at its own discretion, is a telling lesson to be learnt by the global community and business. The EU has demonstrated that it can easily steal the financial reserves it was entrusted with and abandon its commitments to protect private property, investments and respect for immunities provided under international law.

Violation of generally accepted rules and norms in international finance leads to new economic shocks, including global ones. Yet Brussels, as usual, tries to shift the blame for the adverse consequences of its course of flouting all principles onto our country. Thus, this peremptory statement is primarily aimed at an internal audience. It is no secret that EU politicians and ordinary citizens are increasingly asking reasonable questions about the rationale behind the EU's strategy towards Ukraine – which consists of fanatically pumping Kiev with lethal weapons and providing it with economically unjustified funding.

The EU should have worried about the fate of Ukraine earlier – instead of turning a blind eye to the refusal to comply with the agreement on settlement of political crisis signed on 21 February 2014 and then supporting Kiev in sabotaging the Minsk agreements for years.