Comment by the Russian Permanent Mission to the EU on the European Parliament resolution regarding Ukraine, 1 March 2024

Submitted on Fri, 03/01/2024 - 16:34

The resolution adopted on 29 February 2024 gives an insight into the nature of the European Parliament. It is a European institution that bears no responsibility for its words, considers itself entitled to interfere in the internal affairs of third countries, and promotes its own agenda, which does not correspond to the interests or sentiments of European society. Particularly provocative is the fact that, while calling for massive deliveries of arms and military equipment to Kiev, MEPs justify violations by the European Union and its Member States of the basic arms export control rules.

We consider it necessary to remind those MEPs who have opted for turning a blind eye to the relevant EU norms and international obligations of the following. The EU Common Position of 8 December 2008 prohibits the export of arms if it would result in a violation of humanitarian law or contribute to the aggravation of armed conflicts. The international Arms Trade Treaty, which entered into force in 2014, requires that the potential of whether the arms supplied would undermine peace and security be assessed in an objective and non-discriminatory manner. The document explicitly stipulates that a State Party – and EU Member States are States Parties to this treaty – shall not authorise any transfer of conventional arms, if it has knowledge that they would be used in attacks directed against civilian objects or civilians.

We are convinced that when it comes to the actions of the Ukrainian armed forces, no one, not even MEPs, should be in any doubt that the weapons supplied to Kiev only increase the escalation in the conflict zone and are targeted against civilians and civilian infrastructure.