Comment on European Council conclusions regarding the situation in Ukraine

Submitted on Thu, 07/17/2014 - 00:00

Comment by the Russian MFA Press and Information Department on the European Council conclusions regarding the situation in Ukraine 

Note has been taken in Moscow of the conclusions on the situation in Ukraine adopted by the European Council on 16 July.

We are disappointed that the European Union, contrary to its own interests, has yielded to the blackmail of the US Administration and followed the path of sanctions against Russia. Brussels is actually copying the example of Washington, basically applying “mirror logic” putting full blame on those who take real efforts to deescalate the situation in Ukraine, while glaring facts including unceasing flow of refugees from Ukraine to Russia, shelling of Russian territory and other anti-Russian provocations are being blatantly suppressed.

Ever since the conflict erupted in Ukraine Russia has been applying all efforts to facilitate a ceasefire and launch an intra-Ukrainian dialogue, strictly implementing the Geneva Accords of 17 April 2014, including their most important provision on stopping bloodshed and launching a peace process in Ukraine. All our efforts were met with outspoken sabotage on the part of Kiev and its US sponsors.

Now, instead of using existing opportunities to launch Kiev’s dialogue with representatives of the South-East of the country, the EU allowed itself to be led by those who advocate a military solution of the Ukrainian conflict and use it as a pretext for provoking confrontation with Russia. Thus, the EU assumes responsibility for Kiev continuing the military operation that is claiming lives every day.

Russia has repeatedly stressed that using economic instruments as a political weapon is not our choice. Such unilateral measures can damage not only Russia, but also EU Member States themselves, many of which are facing economic hardships. Nevertheless, we are still open for an equal and ideology-free dialogue with EU Member States. We hope that the EU will find its own voice in international affairs serving the interests of all states on our continent.

17 July 2014