Interviews, press-conferences and speeches

Three German members of the Greens / European Free Alliance Group of the European Parliament have called upon EU leaders to tackle a suggested COVID-19 disinformation camp
I am delighted to welcome you tonight at the Russian Permanent Mission to the European Union at an event dedicated to the 30th anniversary of the Agreement on Trade, Commercial and Economic Coopera
Sputnik: You made a reference about the Kurds and the US recently. What Greece has to wait from the US? Could you specify?
Is there going to be a gas crisis? The long-term contract for gas transit via Ukraine expires at the end of December, and there is no new contract…
'It’s a pity I never got to meet my neighbour,' Vladimir Chizhov says when he poses for the photo in the lofty stairwell.
What are the prospects for gas transit talks between Russia, Ukraine and the EU? Will the EU change its policy on Russia after Brexit?
Recently the number of conferences, round tables and publications on existential matters in Brussels notably increased.
Let’s first talk about arms control. As we speak [4 July], Russian President Vladimir Putin is meeting with Pope Francis.