Comment by the Press service of the Permanent Mission of Russia to the EU for CNBC on the EU leaders' assessment of the situation around Ukraine

Submitted on Fri, 12/24/2021 - 10:52

Would it be possible to get an official statement on EU leaders saying that there will be massive costs for Russia if they invade Ukraine”?

It’s not Russia whose foreign policy is based on invasion, aggression or “forced democratisation”. Of course we realise that EU and US leaders speak knowledgeably about such “foreign policy instruments”. We certainly take note of their position, albeit prompted in this case by hypothetical presumption of Russia suddenly deciding to invade Ukraine. In reality, Russia has always consistently and to the last opportunity defended the principle of peaceful resolution of conflicts – not only at its borders, but anywhere in the world. Another thing is that the authorities in Kiev do not seem to have realised for more than seven years of bloody domestic conflict its harmful impact on Ukraine's statehood and the fate of its people on both sides. This is the direction in which our distinguished partners should finally turn their moral lecturing and use their unquestionable experience, credibility and influence.