The European External Action Service press secretary’s statement on the situation in Crimea

Submitted on Tue, 08/04/2020 - 09:25

We noted a statement made by the press secretary of the European External Action Service in connection with the keel-laying ceremony for two multi-purpose landing ships held at the shipyard in Kerch, Crimean Peninsula, on July 20. We take this as another attempt to interfere in another state’s domestic affairs. The arguments provided by the service demonstrate again the inability to provide an unbiased assessment of the realities in the region, as well as total indifference to the legitimate interests and aspirations of the people of Crimea.

We would like to point out that our policy for strengthening the defence capability of the Russian Navy in the Black Sea area is designed to help ensure stability and security in that region.

In connection with the claims that we have allegedly imposed restrictions on Ukrainian citizens visiting Crimea, we would like to note that the temporary preventive measures introduced by Russia in connection with the coronavirus pandemic apply to citizens of most European countries, including Ukraine.

With regard to violations of international law, which the EU has again accused us of, we see Kiev doing this, not us. In this regard, we suggest that the EU, instead of relaying Ukraine’s unfounded accusations against Russia, pay due attention to Kiev’s inhuman actions of cutting off water and power supplies to Crimea. We call on the EU to abandon the egregious practice of “visa discrimination” with regard to Crimeans, which also directly contradicts international law and founding EU documents.