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Permanent Mission of the Russian Federation to the European Union

Submitted on 2024-06-10 16:53:59

Comment by the Russian Permanent Mission to the EU for RTVI on European Parliament elections, 10 June 2024

The results of the European Parliament elections show no shift in its current political landscape. The lack of change means that the gulf between the EU political establishment and ordinary Europeans will remain the same. Meanwhile, Brussels may interpret the performance of the so-called Eurosceptics as just a one-off snapshot of voter sentiment.

Both the far right and the far left have managed to disrupt the "Brussels idyll" somewhat, but the European bureaucracy will only intensify its fight against any manifestations of "dissent". The success of today's EU political system lies in its ability to force MEPs to pass the decisions it needs.

Therefore, one can expect the European Parliament, as well as the European Union in general, to continue its aggressive policy against our country. Brussels believes that countering the so-called "Russian threat" has become synonymous with EU stability. And the EU seems to have no intention of reconsidering its position, where the fate of the European project depends on the outcome of Russia's special military operation.

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