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Permanent Mission of the Russian Federation to the European Union

Submitted on 2023-08-16 11:17:59

Comment by Foreign Ministry Spokeswoman Maria Zakharova on the Kiev regime’s attempted terrorist attacks in Crimea

The Kiev regime once again attempted a terrorist attack on the Crimean Bridge this afternoon, this time by launching an S-200 surface-to-air guided missile converted to a strike munition.  According to the Defence Ministry of Russia, the missile was promptly spotted and intercepted in the air by Russian air defence systems. There are no victims or destroyed property. Later, yet another enemy missile was shot down by the Russian air defence forces over the Kerch Strait.

In addition, Crimea came under a mass Ukrainian drone attack tonight. Fourteen out of the 20 drones were destroyed by the air defence, with another 6 neutralised by EW systems. 

We resolutely condemn these terrorist attacks. The Crimean Bridge is a purely civilian infrastructure facility, and attacks on it are inadmissible.  It has been exposed to such attacks since last autumn, and they led to civilian casualties.

Thus, unable, despite the massive Western aid, to change the situation on the contact line, the Armed Forces of Ukraine are attempting to retaliate against civilian infrastructure and peaceful civilians by using underhand terrorist methods.

These acts of sabotage provide the international public with yet another opportunity to see the true nature of the Kiev regime. There is no excuse for these barbarous actions and they will not be left without a response.

Source URL: https://russiaeu.ru/en/node/7755