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Permanent Mission of the Russian Federation to the European Union

Submitted on 2023-08-03 07:06:29

Russian Permanent Mission to the EU answers a question by “Izvestiya” Newspaper on the EU visa policy, 3 August 2023

— May we expect the EU to ease the requirements for Russian tourists, given that Russians used to bring a lot of money to tourist-oriented countries?

Current developments in the EU suggest that there is no reason to expect any easing of visa requirements for Russians. First of all, let us recall that the guidelines prepared by the European Commission in September 2022, which should be followed by European capitals in their visa policy towards Russian citizens, clearly outline a tightening of the approach to our compatriots, who, according to the EU, may allegedly pose a "threat" to the member states in terms of their security and public order. It is not for us to answer the question of why silence is kept by those who are forced to suffer financial losses as a result of the de facto restrictions on freedom of movement imposed by Brussels against Russians. Obviously, the visa situation has a political dimension as well. One should realise that the chosen course of confrontation with our country is of a comprehensive nature and does not imply any exceptions. All the more so when the local political elite openly portrays Russia and its population as an enemy. As the EU sees it, ordinary Europeans should be prevented from communicating directly with Russians. Otherwise, European residents may have a reasonable question: to what extent is the West's aggressive policy towards people just like them justified?

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