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Permanent Mission of the Russian Federation to the European Union

Submitted on 2022-03-20 12:16:53

The EU’s new anti-Russia sanctions

We see no need to comment separately on the latest product from the EU’s sanctions conveyor belt. Russia's position on the EU's illegitimate unilateral restrictions is very clear and has been expressed on many occasions. The leadership of the European Union and its member states continue to destroy the multilateral trade and financial system with vigour, including the transport and logistics chains that have been painstakingly created over the years. At the same time, the Brussels bureaucracy and its Anglo-Saxon handlers cynically brag that the entire international community and, above all, ordinary European citizens will have to pay for Russophobic pogroms.

The public is being told that Russia is to blame for the new reality they have to live in (inflation, fuel prices, logistical inconveniences, lack of transport coupled with coronavirus restrictions). The methods, sanctions and threats by Western countries and their governments against our country are ignored, as are the sanctions pressures that led to the tectonic shifts in the financial, economic and humanitarian sectors of the respective Western countries. Not a word about their own complicity. They have a convenient phrase: it's all Russia's fault.

No matter how much they deceive their own citizens, both in Europe and in the United States,  telling them that somewhere in Russia someone is to blame for the fact that now "life is like this.” This myth won't last; it will lift like a fog. The haze will dissipate. Many people already understand who started this game, why and who wants it. Europeans and even European politicians don't need it, but they can't do anything about it. They are under pressure, they are suffering from it. Even the political movements in Europe who are in power or are in opposition, don't need this. Nobody needs it. Everybody understands that this is a destructive wave. The ones who need it are over there, across the ocean, to poison us all. This is needed to perpetually smolder in conflicts, which can be stirred up to one degree or another by throwing gunpowder on the fire. This is needed to weaken Europe, the European Union, to pit us against each other once again. To prevent us from interacting normally. This is obvious.

Ukraine was sacrificed for these purposes. A prosperous, beautiful, strong country. They played on the weaknesses of this country and on the weaknesses of its political leaders. They cynically played on people's expectations. They promised them and once again abandoned them. This is only a tool for them. They cynically, trivially, coldly, calculatingly and brutally handled Ukraine. The same is now being done to other European countries. Taxpayers and voters have yet to assess the destructive actions of the EU leaders, who are not just oriented toward the United States, they are a conduit for their will.

When a person or people, or political forces, are driven by some idea, they retain a certain degree of independence in their decision-making. These ones are not. They are simply appointed, planted and controlled from Washington with the use of different methods which anyone can see.

Source: Briefing by Russian Foreign Ministry Spokeswoman Maria Zakharova

Source URL: https://russiaeu.ru/en/node/7409