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Permanent Mission of the Russian Federation to the European Union

Submitted on 2017-08-15 16:57:33

Comment on domestic political developments in Venezuela

Comment by the Information and Press Department on domestic political developments in Venezuela

The world public continues to focus on events in Venezuela and related developments. The current determining reality is the formation of a new supreme national body, the National Constituent Assembly, following the July 30 elections, and its practical launch, which lay the foundations for a new institutional framework of the country’s internal political life, and which we believe are creating opportunities for Venezuela to move towards stabilisation. 

Under these new circumstances, it is more important than ever that the international community signal its support for a peaceful settlement of the protracted internal crisis by creating an atmosphere of trust and resuming direct dialogue between the opposing sides. Regrettably, often we see the opposite.

Contrary to the very logic of developments and their own calls for “democratising” processes in Venezuela, certain internal and external political forces carry on with a destructive policy intended to dismantle the emerging dialogue tools and, in effect, throw the situation back to the original dead-end positions. The infatuation with unilateral sanction restrictions, isolating measures, pressure and ultimatums, which a number of countries are demonstrating with regard to Caracas, can hardly be seen in a different light. We do not think that actions of this sort contribute anything constructive.

We are confident that the path towards an internal political settlement in Venezuela runs through building up constructive elements in approaches that are based, not on lamentations for something that failed to materialise but on regard for the new realities emerging in Venezuela as a starting point for further progress, making it possible to launch a practical search for areas of national accord conducive to the implementation of countrywide tasks. There is no alternative to direct and responsible talks between the government and the opposition. Peace in Venezuela is still dependent on all sides being ready to return to dialogue within the framework of the Constitution, without outside interference, and with conciliatory political efforts in the interests of shaping a unifying agenda. The next benchmark to reach in an atmosphere of interaction is the launch of the regional election campaign on December 10.

We expect all sides, both internal and external, to show prudence, wisdom and a constructive desire for joint work in the interests of returning calm and prosperity to Venezuelan soil.  

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