Address by Chargé d’Affaires a.i. of the Mission of Russia to the EU Kirill Logvinov at Russia-LAC Reception in Brussels

Submitted on Thu, 06/29/2023 - 13:28

Distinguished Guests, Your Excellencies,

         We're happy to have you all here tonight. We appreciate your presence at this difficult, but crucial time. Recently our Mission has launched a series of unofficial events dedicated to different regions of the world. Our meeting tonight is entitled “Russia-CELAC Reception”, and I consider it a good possibility to establish personal and professional contacts between us here in Brussels. This could be really useful in the context of the traditional relations of close friendship between Russia and the countries of your region, both at the level of CELAC and bilaterally.

         I am sure you all know that currently the system of international relations is going through a critical phase. Its future shape is being defined. In March Russia adopted a new Foreign Policy Concept which, I would say, is realistic in focusing most of its attention on cooperation with non-Western states. Russia is striving towards a system of international relations that would guarantee reliable security and equal opportunities for development for all states, regardless of their geographical location, size, demographic, resource and military capacity, or political, economic and social structure. We believe that the system of international relations should be multipolar and based on the following principles:

 - sovereign equality of states, respect for their right to choose models of development, and social, political and economic order;
 -  rejection of hegemony in international affairs;

 -  cooperation based on a balance of interests and mutual benefit;

 -  non-interference in internal affairs;

 -  rule of international law in regulating international relations, with all states abandoning the policy of double standards;

 -  indivisibility of security in global and regional aspects;

 - diversity of cultures, civilizations and models of social organisation.

         Given the progressive strengthening of the sovereignty and multifaceted potential of Latin American and Caribbean states, the Russian Federation intends to develop relations with them on a pragmatic and mutually beneficial basis, focusing on:

- supporting interested Latin American states under pressure from the United States and its allies in securing sovereignty and independence, including through the promotion and expansion of security, military and military-technical cooperation;

- increasing mutual trade and investment;

- expanding cultural, scientific, educational, sports, tourism and other humanitarian ties with the states of the region.

         Russia and CELAC established a Permanent Mechanism for Political Dialogue and Cooperation to further strengthen relations between the Sides in the spirit of commitment to the standards and principles of international law and the UN Charter. I think everyone here will agree that enhanced political dialogue between us is an essential part of a transparent, fair and equal world order which will help maintain peace and international security, strengthen multilateralism and reinforce the role of developing countries.

         We have convened certain meetings within the Russia-CELAC Mechanism, but further events had to be postponed due to COVID-related restrictions. Now that relations between Russia and the region are on the rise, there is a clear need to resume this cooperation in the near future, as expressed by Minister Lavrov in January this year. We strongly believe that CELAC will raise its voice in the process of addressing the key challenges we all face in the process of shaping the multipolar world.

         We do hope that today's format will be useful and relevant for all of us as part of the diplomatic community here in Brussels. Thank you for your attention.