MFA Spokesperson Maria Zakharova's answer to a media question

Submitted on Wed, 09/28/2016 - 15:57

Question: What can you say about the preliminary conclusions of the Dutch

Public Prosecutor’s Office?

Maria Zakharova: 

Russia is disappointed that nothing has changed in the investigation into the Boeing crash.

The conclusions reached by the Dutch Public Prosecutor’s Office confirm that the investigation is biased and politically motivated. Arbitrarily laying blame and engaging in wishful thinking has become the norm for our Western colleagues.

I would like to ask them: When will it be enough? From the very start Russia suggested working together and relying on facts alone.

However, the international investigators excluded Russia from fully participating in the investigation and assigned a secondary role to its efforts. It sounds like a bad joke but instead they made Ukraine a full member of the Joint Investigation Team (JIT), allowing it to forge evidence and steer the course in its favour.

The investigators continue to ignore Russia’s irrefutable evidence, even though it is essentially the only country that has provided credible information and continues to uncover new information.

And one more important point I would like to mention. Everything that forms the evidentiary foundation of the case was supplied to the Dutch Public Prosecutor’s Office by Ukrainian law-enforcement agencies, which is certainly an interested party.

We hope now that Russia has transferred to the JIT such indisputable evidence as initial radar images – and any expert will understand why it is indisputable – the situation will change and the JIT’s final conclusions, unlike its preliminary conclusions, will reflect the objective truth and point to the real perpetrators of this tragedy.