Statement by the Russian Ministry of Foreign Affairs regarding the settlement of the crisis in Ukraine

Submitted on Fri, 04/25/2014 - 00:00

Ukraine has been talking a lot about its strict implementation of the Geneva Statement of 17 April 2014 lately. In fact, Kiev is doing absolutely the contrary.

As is known, one of the key provisions of this document is the requirement of an immediate start of a nation-wide dialogue within the framework of the constitutional reform process, which must be “inclusive, transparent and accountable”, with the involvement of all the regions and political forces of Ukraine, which allows notes of the community and proposed amendments to be taken into account.

The Party of Regions of Ukraine published and proposed to discuss the draft of the Memorandum of national unity of the Ukrainian Verkhovna Rada, which contains (in Russia’s opinion) constructive propositions for the stabilisation of the situation in the country, which should become a uniting platform in the name of the preservation of unity, integrity of the state and achievement of civil consent. The draft Memorandum, in particular, contains such an important provision as the constitutional consolidation of Russian as the second state language.

However, the parliamentarian majority is demonstratively wandering from any review of this document, which clearly demonstrates a complete lack of will in the deputies of the ruling coalition to search for a way out of the deep political crisis in the country through a wide constructive dialogue.

We appeal to Ukraine once again to demonstrate their true aspiration to achieve national consent in Ukraine, not through words, but actions.

25 April 2014