Statement by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Russian Federation in response to EU sanctions

Submitted on Thu, 03/31/2022 - 17:03

The EU policy of sanctions against Russia oversteps all limits. Following the launch of the special military operation in Ukraine Brussels is arbitrarily imposing unilateral restrictions against numerous Russian citizens and companies. Their personal data is being openly released in contravention of every international legal norm currently in force. Absurd and unlawful “criteria” are hastily being cooked up in order to add more names to the list.

While attempting to portray Russia as the perpetrator of the systemic crisis of European security, Brussels officials refuse to admit that they themselves have over many years connived at the hardening of Russophobic and neo-Nazi sentiments in Ukraine as well as its militarization and alignment with NATO efforts to militarily contain our country. In spite of our repeated pleas, they indulged the Kiev regime’s sabotage of the Minsk “Package of Measures” and its stifling of the Russian language in Ukraine. They turned a blind eye to the methodical extermination of peaceful residents of Donbass.

Now, instead of drawing lessons from what happened Brussels is drifting by inertia towards an impasse by imposing restrictive measures against Russia.  Moreover, it seeks to involve other sovereign countries against their national interests into these pointless and illegal efforts, fraught with further escalation in Europe and the wider world. Impose unprecedented pressure and blackmail upon them.

Just as in many other aspects of the “hybrid war” declared by the West against Russia, its citizens, Russian-speakers abroad as well as leading Russian companies, the EU’s intention is evident – to force Russia to renounce its vital interests. This is part and parcel of the collective West’s policy to contain Russia, to subjugate our development to the Western goal of reestablishing its unchallenged global domination, to prevent Russia from ensuring its national security and deny it the right to promote its own constructive agenda on the world stage.

The events of recent weeks demonstrate the futility of these efforts.

The EU’s actions are not only driving the relationship with Russia into a deadlock, but are similarly jeopardizing the well-being and security of its own citizens, as well as the stability of the global financial and economic system.

In response to the unilateral sanctions of the European Union, the Russian side, acting on the basis of reciprocity, which is fundamental for international law, is expanding significantly the list of representatives of EU Member States and institutions who will be denied entry to the Russian Federation in accordance with Federal Law No.114-FZ on the Procedure of Exiting and Entering the Russian Federation of 15 August 1996.

The restrictions apply to the top leadership of the EU, a number of European commissioners and heads of EU military bodies, as well as the overwhelming majority of members of the European Parliament that have advanced anti-Russian policies. The reciprocal Russian blacklist also includes high-level officials including government and parliament members of some EU Member States, public and media figures who are personally responsible for promoting illegal anti-Russian sanctions, inflaming Russophobic sentiments and infringing on the rights and freedoms of Russian-speakers.

The relevant note by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Russian Federation has been transmitted to the Delegation of the European Union in Moscow in due order, notifying them of measure undertaken.

We reaffirm that any further unfriendly action by the EU and its Member States will inevitably be met with a forceful response.