Russian President Vladimir Putin's address on National Flag Day of Russia

Submitted on Mon, 08/22/2022 - 10:13


Today, we are marking National Flag Day. We pay respect to Russia’s official state symbol that, along with its emblem and anthem, represents its sovereignty and independence and asserts the continuity between generations of our multi-ethnic people.

Our flag that was raised on Russia’s first warship over three centuries ago, remained Russia’s symbol in difficult, challenging periods of its history – under Peter the Great when the Russian Empire was still forming, on the battlefields of World War I, and amid the dramatic changes of the contradictory, arduous 1990s. On August 22, 1991, the white, blue and red flag once again flew over Russia.

Today, it has become a fixture of our life as an inalienable element of Russian statehood, a symbol of the unity of our people and their devotion to the Fatherland and readiness to uphold national interests.

The national flag symbolises our faith in our traditional values that we will never give up – truth and justice, solidarity and mercy, and respect for Russia’s centuries-long uninterrupted history, the achievements and victories of our ancestors that inspire us to care for and defend our Motherland and never permit any foreign hegemony or diktat. The desire to live according to our own will, to choose our own path and to follow it, has become part of our people’s genetic code.

Russia is a strong, independent world power. On the international stage, we are committed to pursuing only such policies that meet the vital interests of our Fatherland.

The national flag and the unfading Red Banner of Victory instil in the rising generation an appreciation for the values of patriotism, citizenship and responsibility for the future of the Motherland. From September 1 of this year, all schools in the country will begin every school week with a ceremony of raising the flag and singing the anthem.

I am confident that Russia’s national flag will always remain a sacred symbol for all generations of our citizens. It will inspire them to military glory, professional achievements and new heights in science, culture and sports. It will make them proud of their Motherland.

Happy National Flag Day, friends!