Russian MFA comments the UN General Assembly resolution on EU participation in the work of the United Nations

Submitted on Sun, 05/08/2011 - 22:00

From the very beginning Russia adhered to a constructive approach towards the consideration of the draft UN General Assembly Resolution on EU participation in the work of the United Nations. We believe that new modalities of such cooperation, which better reflect the political picture of the contemporary world, will enhance the effectiveness of the UN.

Thereupon, on 3 May 2011 Russia voted in favour of the draft UN General Assembly Resolution in its final version reflecting remarks of a number of states and regional organizations. We hope that the Resolution will be implemented in strict conformity with the UN Charter, including the principle of sovereign equality of states and with due account of the interstate nature of the UN.

It is of principle importance that the EU retains its current status of observer and its new rights do not expand the limits of existing precedents.

We anticipate other regional organizations to aspire for special status in future. Therefore, we would like to underline that there an individual and balanced approach should be regarding every specific case, since the current format of cooperation between the UN and regional organizations must not be diluted. Vesting the latter with rights and privileges, which are alien to the nature and practices of the UN, will not contribute to strengthening the international authority of the United Nations as a unique global forum of states.