Russian Foreign Ministry statement on Russia’s response to the European Union’s decisions on sanctions

Submitted on Wed, 09/07/2022 - 13:38

Seeking to contain our country in its development and to punish its people for supporting an independent foreign policy, the European Union has been carrying on with its policy of imposing unilateral sanctions. Illegitimate in terms of international law, these actions go hand in hand with unprecedented anti-Russia rhetoric.

At the same time, the EU and some of its member states are supplying lethal weapons and military equipment to the Kiev regime, used for shelling civilian and critical infrastructure, further worsening the humanitarian situation in the conflict zone and putting the entire European continent at risk. This demonstrates that the EU is not willing to invest in achieving peace in Ukraine and Europe and remains committed to making the conflict last. People in the EU have to pay the costs of this belligerent posture out of their pockets.

In response to new restrictive measures against Russian individuals and legal entities, we expanded the list of individuals representing the EU institutions and its member countries who are banned from entering the territory of our country as per Federal Law No. 114-FZ dated August 15, 1996 “On the procedure of exit from and entry to the Russian Federation.” The Foreign Ministry has transferred a verbal note to this effect to the EU’s delegation in Russia.

In particular, these restrictions now apply to the EU’s senior military officers and high-ranking officials from law enforcement agencies of EU member states, as well as representatives of European manufacturers of arms and military equipment who are involved in delivering military products to Ukraine.

We would like to remind those who initiated measures against Russia that we remain steadfast in our determination to respond with unwavering resolve to any unfriendly acts targeted against Russia.