Russian Foreign Ministry Statement on false accusations of Russia's involvement in the missile incident in Poland

Submitted on Wed, 11/16/2022 - 21:23

In connection with two missiles landing in the territory of the Republic of Poland on 15 November 2022 near the Polish-Ukrainian border, the Defence Ministry of the Russian Federation immediately provided comprehensive clarification on Russia’s armed forces not being involved in this incident.

Despite this, we have noted an outrageous public reaction to the incident in a number of NATO countries and the media which, without looking into the situation, scrambled as one to spread absolutely fake and unfounded allegations about Russia potentially being responsible. The Western organisations held “consultations” which gave rise to a new wave of unsubstantiated accusations, which, however, quickly subsided. We see this mayhem as a deliberate effort made as part of a systematic anti-Russia campaign conducted by the West around Ukraine. At the same time, the speed with which accusations against Russia were made by the Kiev regime is notable. Kiev seems to take every opportunity to blame Russia and to try to consolidate Western support as the Zelensky regime appears to have tired its patrons. In addition, the preliminary data about this incident point to Ukraine.

We are confident that an impartial investigation and publication of the results will expose the facts of this provocation.