Russia – EU Dialogue on the Middle East Settlement

Submitted on Sat, 05/22/2021 - 18:48

On 19 May 2021 a telephone conversation was held between Vladimir Safronkov, Special Representative of the Russian Foreign Minister on the Middle East Peace Process. and Sven Koopmans, the EU's Special Representative for the Middle East Peace Process.

During the meeting, Moscow and Brussels reaffirmed their support for active mediation efforts by the UN, as well as at global and regional levels, aimed at bringing an early end to the military confrontation between Palestinians and Israelis and protecting civilians in strict compliance with the provisions of international humanitarian law.

Under the current emergency circumstances, the Russian side emphasised the urgency of convening a ministerial meeting of the Middle East Quartet of International Mediators (Russia, the US, the UN and the EU). It was pointed out that together with intensive efforts to end the armed confrontation, in order to avoid recurrent conflict work should be done on opening up political prospects for a settlement based on relevant UN resolutions, as well as the principle of "two states" – Palestine and Israel coexisting in peace and security.