Russia – EU Consultations on the Middle East and North Africa

Submitted on Sun, 11/21/2021 - 20:46

On 18 November 2021 Special Representative of the Minister of Foreign Affairs of the Russian Federation on Syrian settlement,  Director of the Middle East and North Africa Department of the MFA of Russia Alexander Kinchshak held consultations in Brussels with EEAS Managing Director for the Middle East and North Africa Fernando Gentilini.

They had a substantive exchange of views on a wide range of regional issues with the focus on the situation in Syria,  Libya, Yemen and Iraq, as well as the Gulf and North Africa. During the discussion of the current state of play and prospects of the resolution of the Palestinian-Israeli conflict the sides emphasized their commitment to continue efforts to resume the peace process on the internationally recognized basis which includes the two-states principle.

Alexander Kinchshak and Fernando Gentilini reiterated mutual interest in further regular discussions of the Middle East issues.