MFA Spokesman Alexander Lukashevich on European Parliament recent resolution on Russia

Submitted on Sat, 03/14/2015 - 00:00

Foreign Ministry Spokesman Alexander Lukashevich answers a media question about the European Parliament’s recent resolution on Russia

Question: Can you comment on the resolution on Russia adopted by the European Parliament on March 12?

Alexander Lukashevich: I can only describe it as a product of the Russophob majority of European deputies. As usual, it is an absurd tangle of lies and blatant misrepresentation. Only a deranged imagination could see a link between these subjects in the mad quilt proposed by Strasbourg. These people are so cynical that they don’t even stop at speculating on a tragic death in pursuit of their narrow political goals. Obviously, this is a tricky move on the eve of the forthcoming EU events: the meetings of the EU Council and the European Council. We have no doubt that the militant neo-Nazis in Ukraine will share this opinion of the European Parliament. Regrettably, the voices of sensible forces in the European Parliament are drowned in the hysterical chorus of complex-ridden deputies that are genetically loaded with a series of historical setbacks in their policy towards Russia.

The only statement that is worth commenting on is the unsubstantiated and unrealistic assertion about Russia’s alleged reluctance to cooperate in the international inquiry into the crash of the Malaysian Airlines aircraft over Ukraine. It was Russia that was the first and actually the only country that immediately publicly provided all available information on this crash. Moscow insisted and continues to insist on an early detailed, unbiased and, most important, transparent international inquiry into this accident with a view to finding out the truth. We advise European deputies to focus on those countries that are dragging out this inquiry and compel them to present all materials that are required for establishing what happened.

By passing such resolutions the European Parliament not only devalues its importance but also impedes the efforts to normalise the situation in Europe. It is easy to guess who stands to gain from this.

March 14, 2015