Foreign Ministry Spokeswoman Maria Zakharova’s comment on the Ukraine crisis

Submitted on Thu, 06/01/2023 - 17:28

Today, June 1 is International Children’s Day. This day is used to draw world public attention to the problems faced by children in different parts of the world. Russia is taking care of its rising generations, paying particular attention to children that have had to go through grievous war trials. This is why we are doing all we can to keep children safe in the new regions of Russia, and help them keep a healthy outlook with school vacations. Many Russian health resorts are receiving them with hospitality now. About 6,000 children from the new regions will take a break in the Stavropol and Krasnodar territories, Tatarstan and the Samara, Voronezh and Tambov regions, to name a few. These vouchers are free of charge. This year, federal budget funds were used to allocate over 70 billion roubles for children’s holidays.

At the same time, the Kiev regime’s attitude towards children is diametrically opposite. In Ukraine, children often “rest” in paramilitary camps established by neo-Nazi units. They are taught to fire machine-guns, throw grenades and kill people of other ethnic origins. In other words, they are brought up to be criminals from the time they are toddlers.

Whom do these graduates of summer camps turn into? We are seeing this today with the example of neo-Nazis from the Armed Forces of Ukraine that continue shelling residential neighbourhoods in Donetsk and other Russian cities within reach of their artillery. They are deliberately striking at social facilities and residential buildings in the hope of civilian victims. There are plenty examples to this effect. On April 28, they shelled a commuter bus in Donetsk, killing seven people, including an 8 year old girl from the first form. On May, 6 children were wounded as a result of Lugansk’ shelling by British long-range Storm Shadow missiles. On May 25, two kids were injured in Gorlovka. On May 27, teenagers of 15 and 17 years old were wounded in the shelling of Shebekino in Russia’s Belgorod Region.

Responsibility for these tragedies rests with the Kiev regime and its Western bosses that close their eyes to the monstrous crimes committed with increasingly deadly weapons supplied by NATO countries to Ukraine.

The Kiev junta has long been using terrorist methods in its battle against Russia. On May 30, Ukraine’s secret services engineered another brazen incursion as they attempted to attack Moscow and the Moscow Region with drones. Russia’s Investigative Committee initiated a criminal case under Article 205 of the Criminal Code which is a terrorist attack. Thanks to the high-quality performance of the air defence forces, there were no casualties or major damage. Three residential buildings in Moscow were slightly damaged. Clearly, the attack was pointless in terms of warfare. The goal was to intimidate the civilian population and let Kiev’s foreign curators know about its ability to continue this confrontation with Russia.

The reaction of the West to this act of terrorism is notable. In the United States, White House Press Secretary Karine Jean-Pierre said that Washington was gathering information and “does not support attacks inside of Russia.” On the contrary, British Secretary of State for Foreign Affairs James Cleverly supported the strikes on Moscow saying that Ukraine has the right to do this. This candid remark is not accidental. On May 15, British newspaper The Telegraph reported that London had sent long-range kamikaze drones to Ukraine, which were designed specifically for Ukraine.

At the same time, there remain politicians among the Europeans who are still capable of thinking straight and reasonably. Thierry Mariani, MEP from France, is one of them. The MEP strongly denounced the UAV attack on Moscow on May 30. He confirmed that the drone attack was carried out by Ukrainian forces, and likened Zelensky’s behaviour to the behaviour of “a rabid dog that is provoking a global disaster.”

However, overall, the West openly supports Kiev’s policy of physical annihilation of ethnic Russians. It nods in silence when Ukrainian functionaries promise to exterminate the people of Crimea. Most recently, the Westerners themselves have begun to talk openly about the destruction of the civilian population in Russia.

The other day, US Senator Lindsey Graham made some openly Nazi remarks. According to Graham, killing Russians is the best US taxpayers’ money ever spent. In terms of elaborate cruelty and cynicism, his remarks dwarfed the speeches by the Nazi criminals from the Third Reich. Moreover, instead of expressing remorse or regret, or trying to explain what he had to say, Mr Graham continued along the same lines. The senator said that “to know that my commitment to Ukraine has drawn the ire of Putin’s regime brings me immense joy.“

It is sad to realise that such odious figures are at the helm in the United States and are making fateful decisions. This makes many things about Washington’s politics clear.

The statements made by modern German politicians are also increasingly reminiscent of the Third Reich’s criminal acts. Former German Federal Minister for Foreign Affairs Sigmar Gabriel expressed hope that Ukraine’s counteroffensive would be the biggest battle in Europe since WWII. This remark by the German politician resonates with the ideas of the German Nazis who, with the Barbarossa plan in hand, dreamed of a successful large-scale blitzkrieg leading to the conquest of the Soviet Union.

We are thus left with a regretful statement to the effect that Westerners, including, ironically, the Germans, didn’t learn their history lesson. The neo-Nazi sentiment and the desire to escalate the Ukraine conflict are stronger than ever in Europe.

Again, we are compelled to return to mercenarism which flourishes in Ukraine. According to information recently released by the Investigative Committee of Russia, the number of combatants from foreign countries who are fighting in the neo-Nazi units of the Ukrainian Forces currently stands at about 2,500 people. They come from 71 countries, and 234 of them are US citizens and 233 are British citizens.

These “soldiers of fortune” take part in sabotage incursions against border localities in Russia. During a recent sabotage attack by Banderites against the Grayvoronsky District, Belgorod Region, local residents report that they distinctly heard the attackers speak English and Polish.

The United States and its NATO allies continue to flood the Kiev regime with modern weapons. Not long ago, they supplied Ukraine with long-range missiles and tanks. Now, time has come to supply it with aircraft. On May 26, during the online 12th meeting of the Ukraine Defence Contact Group (Ramstein group), they announced the creation of a “coalition of jets.” The group of countries that will work to strengthen the Ukrainian Air Force will be led by Denmark and the Netherlands. It appears that they will be the ones to share the F-16 fighters with Ukraine and train its pilots. The Pentagon has already made clear that the creation of a coalition is an important case in the West’s long-term commitment to strengthening the security of Ukraine.

In fact, the high-flown rhetoric we are hearing from the Americans is hiding a trivial ploy to pull in as much money from it as possible. It’s no secret that touting any kind of “tank-based” or “jet-based” coalition, the United States is primarily concerned with expanding its own presence on the European arms market. These efforts by Washington have already caused damage to the global economy and affected the well-being of the people in many countries far beyond the borders of Europe. The bitter fruits of thoughtless escalation of the Ukraine conflict will ultimately be reaped not by the Americans, but the Europeans who are blindly following in their footsteps.

Former Prime Minister of Ukraine Nikolay Azarov recently said that Zelensky had turned Ukraine into a new Afghanistan.

We can only agree with this statement and state in turn that the Ukrainians were shamelessly and cruelly deceived by Zelensky and his accomplices. When they voted for him in the presidential election in the spring of 2019, the people of Ukraine obviously hoped for national reconciliation, an end to the persecution of everything that is Russian, restoration of cooperation with Russia and prosperity for their country, but what they got instead was a bellicose totalitarian Nazi regime that is completely controlled from the outside.

No matter how hard the collective West tries to arm the Ukrainian forces and encourage the Ukrainian authorities to continue the confrontation with Russia, these attempts are doomed.

Every goal of the special military operation to protect the civilian population, to de-Nazify and demilitarise Ukraine and to eliminate threats emanating from its territory will, without a doubt, be fulfilled, since this operation brings along security, justice and freedom.