Comment by the Russian Permanent Mission to the EU for TASS News Agency regarding the EU “Indo-Pacific” Ministerial Forum

Submitted on Fri, 05/12/2023 - 20:30

The event to be held in Stockholm on 13 May 2023 is another attempt by the EU, under the guise of a unifying agenda, to force third countries to adopt a Western vision on global developments and to impose a "rules-based order" on them. Practical details of such approach were revealed by Josep Borrell, head of European diplomacy, who said that Brussels would build its relations with other states depending on their position on the conflict in Ukraine. The EU has invited Dmitry Kuleba for assistance. Judging from the previous "fora" of this kind - the US "summits for democracy", the EU "Schuman Security and Defence Partnership Forum" and the "European Political Community" - it is safe to say that Brussels will use this arena for anti-Russian and anti-Chinese purposes. Still, there are strong doubts that the Asian participants of the meeting will follow its organisers' lead and endorse the Western policy of "double deterrence" of Russia and China. As for the EU imposing shared responsibility for security on countries of the region, the Europeans would do better to take care of the situation on their own continent.