Comment by the Permanent Mission of Russia to the EU on the latest EU High Representative Josep Borrell’s defamatory statement against Russia

Submitted on Sat, 07/30/2022 - 15:49

The anti-Russian statement by the head of EU diplomacy Josep Borrell is a benchmark of Russophobia and disinformation.

The mass death of Ukrainian POWs in the night of 29 July 2022 was caused by the shelling of a detention centre in the town of Elenovka in the Donetsk People's Republic by the Ukrainian armed forces using HIMARS multiple rocket launcher supplied by the US. The Russian Ministry of Defence and the DPR authorities were the first to report it, presenting in addition physical evidence. Only later bizarre “versions” were put forward by the Ukrainian side, which had committed this provocation in an apparent attempt to halt the trend of increasing numbers of Ukrainian soldiers surrendering in the course of hostilities. There is no other logical explanation for what happened.

As for the video promoted by Ukrainian (note, not Russian) sources with the atrocities against a helpless prisoner, an attentive observer would notice many different oddities in it, and it is clearly premature to draw any unequivocal conclusions only on this basis.

The very text of Josep Borrell's statement, which not only turns everything upside down, but mixes two separate episodes into one, demonstrates the level of arrogance of the service he heads to fact-checking and generally to the tragedy of the people of Donbass and Ukraine. Once again one may see that for the officials in Brussels all this is just a way to make Russia look guilty of everything, including of their own miscalculations.

We can only regret that the head of EU diplomacy was once again caught in Ukrainian fakes bait, without even trying to figure out how things really are. Before publicly embarrassing themselves with their clumsy excuses for the war crimes of the Kiev regime, EU diplomats should have thoroughly clarified the situation by seeking, for example, information from the Russian side, as in any such situation. Then they would not have to lament the fact that their voice is being less and less listened to in the world.