Annual Russia-EU antidrug expert meeting held in Brussels

Submitted on Thu, 09/11/2014 - 22:00

On 11 September 2014 an annual Russia–EU expert meeting on combating illegal drug trafficking was held in Brussels. The Russian side was represented by an interagency delegation of experts from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Federal Drug-Control Service and Ministry of Public Health. EU participants included representatives of the Italian Presidency of the Council, European Commission, European External Action Service, European Monitoring Centre for Drugs and Drug Addicts (EMCDDA), Europol, as well as representatives of the majority of Member States.

Participants exchanged views and experience regarding the fight against illegal drug trafficking, issues of rehabilitation and resocialisation of drug addicts in Russia and EU countries. Russian experts were briefed on the latest EMCDDA report on illegal drug trafficking in Europe. The report points to a decrease in consumption of heroin and a growing share of synthetic drugs, stimulants, cannabis and illegal medications on the EU market.

The consultations addressed issues of alternative development, including prevention and liquidation of illegal cultivation of plants containing narcotic and psychotropic substances, elaborating specific measures on economic development of regions at risk. In this context participants discussed the current drug situation in Afghanistan and Central Asia states.