Diplomatic staff

Permanent Mission of the Russian Federation
to the European Union

Diplomatic Staff

  Name Functions
1 H.E. Mr. Vladimir CHIZHOV Ambassador Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary, Permanent Representative
2 Mr. Kirill LOGVINOV Deputy Permanent Representative (political affairs)
3 Mr. Karen MALAYAN Deputy Permanent Representative (economic affairs, sectoral and regional cooperation)
4 Mr. Dmitry FILATKIN Deputy Permanent Representative (justice and home affairs, parliamentary cooperation, human rights, culture)
5 Deputy Permanent Representative (commercial affairs)
6 Senior Counsellor (head of Ambassador's office)
7 Mr. Dmitry KIRIZLIEV Senior Counsellor (justice and home affairs, human rights) 
8 Mr. Victor SMIRNOVSKIY Senior Counsellor (climate, environment)
9 Mr. Ivan SAFONOV Senior Counsellor (commercial affairs)
10 Mr. Mikhail KOKOREV Senior Counsellor (political affairs)
11 Mr. Alexey STEPANOV Counsellor (anti-drug cooperation)
12 Mr. Pavel KULAKOV  Counsellor (agriculture and fisheries)


Mr. Alexander STUDENIKIN  Counsellor (industrial cooperation)
14 Mr. Alexander TSIBULYA Counsellor (cooperation in nuclear energy)
15 Ms Nasiat SHIRINOVA Counsellor (transport)
16 Mr. Alexey CHUVAEV Counsellor (political affairs) 
17 Mr. Alexander SHOSHNIKOV Counsellor (political affairs)
18 Mr. Valery KURITSYN Counsellor (military affairs)
19 Mr. Anton ARKHIPOV Counsellor (energy)
20 Mr. Dmitry SHALYAGIN Counsellor (justice and home affairs)
21 Mr. Vladislav SIMANIKHIN Counsellor (political affairs)
22 Mr. Sergey KORITSKIY  Counsellor (political affairs)
23 Mr. Dmitry VISHNYAKOV Counsellor (administrative affairs)
24 Ms Marina PILYAEVA Counsellor (political affairs)
25 Mr. Igor ZAKHAROV Counsellor (regional policy)
26 Mr. Dmitry MEDVEDKOV Counsellor (commercial affairs)
27 Ms Elena SAFRONOVA Counsellor (human rights)
28 Mr. Konstantin GRANOVSKIY Counsellor (economic affairs)
29 Mr. Maxim PANOV  First Secretary (administrative affairs)
30 Mr. Nikolay KARYAGIN First Secretary (commercial affairs)
31 Mr. Denis KOROLEV First Secretary (military affairs)
32 Mr. Igor CHAMOV First Secretary (parliamentary cooperation)
33 Mr. Sergey ZUBKOV First Secretary (cooperation in science and technology)
34 Mr. Timur AKHTAREEV First Secretary (political affairs)
35 Ms Anna SUKHAREVA First Secretary (commercial affairs)
36 Ms Svetlana SHATALOVA First Secretary (legal affairs)
37 Mr. Nikolay BYKOV First Secretary (finance)
38 Mr. Kirill KASHTAKOV First Secretary (commercial affairs)
39 Ms Yana KURGUZOVA First Secretary (justice and home affairs)
40 Mr. Evgeny SIDORENKO First Secretary (political affairs)
41 Mr. Valerii FEDORKOV First Secretary (cooperation in science and technology)
42 Mr. Pavel IVANOV Second Secretary (energy)
43 Mr. Evgeny TERESHCHENKO Second Secretary  (human rights)
44 Mr. Sergey KOVALEVSKIY Second Secretary (press)
45 Mr. Alexander MISHIN Second Secretary (commercial affairs)
46 Mr. Dmitry GOLOVENKIN Second Secretary (commercial affairs)
47 Mr. Nikolay KIRYUSHKIN Second Secretary (political affairs)
48 Ms Natalia GOLNEVA Second Secretary (political affairs)
49 Mr. Yury ALEKAEV

Third Secretary (justice affairs)

50 Mr. Ivan TYTSKIY Third Secretary (social affairs, health care)
51 Mr. Ivan VOLKOV Third Secretary (protocol, Ambassador's office)
52 Ms Anna KIRSANOVA Third Secretary (press)
53 Mr. Georgy MOSKALENKO Third Secretary (energy)
54 Mr. Pavel EGOROV Third Secretary (parliamentary cooperation, human rights)
55 Mr. Yury IVANOV  Attaché (administrative affairs)
56 Mr. Dmitry ZHAVORONOK Attaché (administrative affairs) 
57 Mr. Konstantin ZHIDOVLENKO Attaché (administrative affairs)
58 Ms Olga GLADYSHEVA  Attaché (Ambassador's office, press)
59 Ms Anastasia BULDAKOVA  Attaché (Ambassador's office, translator/interpreter)
60 Ms Anna DELVINA Attaché (political affairs)
61 Mr. Anatoly NEDROV Attaché (administrative affairs)
62 Mr. Andrey ZHELTOV Attaché (administrative affairs)